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See the world through a cup of coffee


" We were afraid to start a new business at the beginning, but the passion kept me learning through mistakes and failures. Now, we want to share our passion with you through love. "

Image by Hans Ripa

Our Story

Sky and Khiem are an entrepreneur couple with immense passion for food and drinks. They retain over a decade of experience in successfully running their restaurants in different places in the United States. To express and celebrate their love for coffee with all coffee lovers, they founded Hiccups Barista - a hub for coffee lovers to build a community, inspire each other, and to share the love through the cup of energy. 


With Hiccups Barista, they aspire to provide diverse and authentic coffee experiences. Coffee is simply more than a beverage for every coffee lover including Sky and Khiem, it is daily emotional support and a jump start for the day. This significant insight ignited the concept for Hiccups Barista, a coffee shop where the finest coffee is served. Every coffee recipe is created via many trials and errors in order to crack the best recipe for every coffee enthusiast to indulge.


The couple are driven by their passion for coffee and intends for the world to be enhanced by engaging in the utmost coffee curated with ingenuity. The process of establishing Hiccups Barista has been a rejuvenating perspective for them, recreating the thrill of starting an endeavor from scratch but with more expertise this time. The definition of a perfect coffee for every individual is beautifully unique and diverse, Hiccups Barista hopes to deliver pure perfection in every cup.

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